Friday, June 26, 2009

Western Inn NEVER again! Panguitch, Utah

....worst two sides of the street motel we’ve encountered yet, although it did not have bugs like tonight’s Best Western in Overton. We had called in advance to check our reservation and they asked again for my credit card number, which they already had on file, never sending an email confirmation (an issue that would continue to reveal itself throughout our stay). When we arrived we saw two people with their laptops in the lobby and as we walked to our room we saw people holding their laptops up to the windows in an attempt to get better reception.

We thought we had better take showers and start the laundry before tackling the blog. Before placing the dirty clothes into the washer we had noticed the out of order sign taped to the dryer. Nancy called the front desk to ask if they had another dryer on the other side of the street. The guy replied it was "the last room on the building." The question was which “last room” of the three buildings located on that side of the street.

After hauling over the load, Nancy hunted around the property finally finding a pitch black room with an unlocked door. Upon opening the door, a scurrying ruckus took place, quickly flipping the light on with the unfortunate result of FLICKER FLICKER. Suddenly the guy from behind the desk had arrived to help. Nancy flipped the light switch a couple of more times revealing a room with a large industrial dryer. The guy announced that it would be FREE, our patience wearing thin.

At that same moment Jacinda was back in the room attempting to connect to the wireless signal to no avail, reporting to Nancy upon arrival that we would be camped out in the lobby with the other two visiting Germans. (We had hoped this would not reflect poorly upon us as Americans.) Luckily they had returned to their room, freeing up the black leather 80’s love seat. We were finally told they had to lock up at 2 a.m. by the “upper level management.” Jacinda requesting five more minutes as we were in the middle of an upload. Ten minutes later we retrieved our laundry and moved the vehicle directly in front of the office door in order to continue till 3 a.m. the daily blog entry. We should have requested a discount especially after the personal wake-up call by another member of the hotel staff who was not informed of our presence in room 132, granted we were only in there for four hours.

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