Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fly Like an Eagle (yes this is the theme song used in the skywalk video after they show you the Indian)

(check out the virtual tour with jams by the steve miller band)

All personal belonging (including cameras) are not allowed on the bridge. You are asked to use the lockers provided to protect from dropping any items into the canyon or onto the glass (crack!) Photos can be taken from the side of the skywalk. BUT PROFESSIONAL photos of us may be purchased. (I'll also include this into my budget.) I decided to call -  we need to make our reservations (one day in advance) if we do not want to wait in the line and I left a message with the main office (702 943 8923) and am waiting for a call back to find out the cleaning schedule and see if we could tag along, for part of our project, including the skywalk as an earthwork. 

My plan is to sneak onto the walk, either some windex spray or perhaps a few of those ready to go wipes they make (probably the wipes). Jacinda, you will have the difficult job of documentation. Oh how exciting! 

One of our first concerns was about the upkeep of the earthworks. I pictured us towing a lawn mower and yard supplies around cleaning up each one as we went, but this never took off - perhaps due to the lack of grass? This work has tons of potential for cleaning and it is my hope to make this happen. Perhaps turning our fellow tourist into the hired help. 

PS everything I read says not to waste your time by going there!!!


n.douthey said...

Looks like the Vegas "scare of our lives" (your life already) is getting more interesting!!!

j. russell said...

These will be the most SERIOUS professional photos ever. Thank we should show up in our Martin Parr attire?


can i sneak my iphone in there? it's not the same as the 6x9 or the canon but it will photograph some things illicitly quite well.