Friday, June 5, 2009

16 Days to Go: Hotel Reservations Made!

It looks like all our motel reservations are made for the places where we know we need them (holding out on Flagstaff, Gallop, Amarillo, and El Paso until a couple days before when we know our exact dates).

Highlights include:

The Golden Nugget's "Tank" that I can't stop being impressed with.

La Fonda, Santa Fe, NM

and the best view of all (unfortunately no pool here)...

Walter De Maria's Lightning Field in Quemado, New Mexico. Keep singing the rain dance!!


n.douthey said...

perhaps that is what we should bring to lightning field - our own kiddy pool!!! NO PEEING!

n.douthey said...

and a slip-n-slide for double negative!

j. russell said...

haha! where's the water at Double N?? It would be funny and potentially hazardous to watch lightning in a kiddie pool. I guess that is why we have the diving board strapped to the car.