Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Couple Conversation Maps

To celebrate the completion of ten blurb books (they will be sent to be published tonight), I am posting two Conversation Maps: Roden Crater & Lightning Field.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Missed out on the twitter accounts of the road trip?

There will be an artists' book devoted to it! Stay tuned where you can catch such gems as our day in Gallup, New Mexico:

Why are going 5mph?!?!!? I can see gravel pieces individually!!! Says Nancy 7:04 PM Jul 2nd

Gallup cemetery is amazing and needs some terminix/pest control. 7:23 PM Jul 2nd

N just got excited that Gallup has a bookstore and then we realized the word adult was missing from the sign. 7:28 PM Jul 2nd

Gallup looks as if a vegetarian will be starving this evening. 7:31 PM Jul 2nd

Does anyone know anyone in Gallup we can stay with? They must be OCD. 7:56 PM Jul 2nd

Gallup is so horrifying we can no longer Twitter anything for the evening. Finding a drink to recover. 7:57 PM Jul 2nd

Nancy lost two in a row and now she is ordering a third in an attempt to compete. 8:45 PM Jul 2nd

Damn her for ordering two more drinks. 8:46 PM Jul 2nd

We're trying to create a foggy drunk haze so we can't see the bugs & dog food when we get back to the room 8:49 PM Jul 2nd

I can't believe it!! No wait I can... Jacinda wimps out ... Lame! 8:52 PM Jul 2nd

We officially hate each other right now but have successfully forgot about our motel room. 8:52 PM Jul 2nd

Wow N just downed a glass of crap and is now still losing at 2:1 8:55 PM Jul 2nd

Wow. Too bad you can't see all the posts we just deleted. 9:06 PM Jul 2nd

Taxi 9:39 PM Jul 2nd

Nancy brought the Lysol and the chlorox bleach wipes just for places like our motel room tonight. 9:41 PM Jul 2nd

Apparently we have three more hours of stalling at this hideous chain restaurant until we can return to that motel room. 9:43 PM Jul 2nd

And today is the only day this trip we will be twittering this much. We just did this to give everyone way too much information. 9:45 PM Jul 2nd

And to be a little annoying. 9:45 PM Jul 2nd

Good night. 9:47 PM Jul 2nd

If on vaca... Most motels that say they have wireless are liars!!! 11:30 PM Jul 2nd

The days inn was a total buzz killer. Now we are at the super 8. You should have seen the performance that brought us here. 2:06 AM Jul 3rd

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Closer.... Texas Gallery Exhibition Announcement

Inside.... coming soon....

The (Image) Label for Our DVD

Sneak Peek at one of the Artists' Books: Car Games I - Geodomes

In 2008 on their first road trip, Jacinda and Nancy screamed “GEODOME!” at every mound, Quonset hut, chicken coop, and any other round shape found in the distant landscape. It became a contest to see who would find the next one first. They continued this game on every trip thereafter.

For the record...

a real live geodome in Hagerman, Idaho from June 2008 (the first road trip/inception of this car game)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Artist Stalking Part 3: Nancy's Letter to Michael Heizer

This post is five months overdue. As this project continues... we foresee an artist's book dedicated entirely to our one way artist correspondence (Ed Ruscha, James Turrell, and now Michael Heizer). Nancy sent this letter to the Dia Foundation asking to forward it to Heizer. No word as of yet (surprise!).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Searching for Ed Ruscha's Font

Trying to figure out what font this is in my quest to make 10 blurb books this week (yikes).

... and in the middle of writing this post, John Nettleton comes through with an answer! "I could not find an exact match. It is a slab serif font. The G is quite unique. Here are a few fonts that have some of the same properties but I could not find an exact match:

Malaga Black, from Emigre Malaga
Chaparral Pro-Bold, from Adobe
Rockwell Std Bold, from Adobe"

Though the best answer comes from James Luckett: "18pt gas station regular."