Monday, June 22, 2009

Traveling Studio (and Library) Part One - With Great Restraint

Canon 5D
Pentax 6x7
(6) Mini DV Tapes
(10) pack of Polaroid film plus 2 in the camera
Polaroid camera
(3) rolls of Ilford 400 120 film
(6) rolls Fujicolor 120 film
(13) rolls T-Max 100 120 film
(4) 90 minute audio cassette tapes plus one in recorder
Cassette recorder
(2) MacBook Pros
Olympus digital voice recorder
Sony Mini DV camera
Sekonic Light Meter
(2) Howard Johnson motel room keys
Mexican Blanket
3G IPhone
3G S IPhone
Earphones from Frontier Airlines
(2) Phone Card Chargers
(2) Five Year Planners
(4) Mini Notebooks
(2) Journals
(2) Ford Edge with a Wyoming license plate rental car keys
Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Suzuki
Core Rhythms Starter Pack with the Buns and Thigh Blaster Combo
2009 Calendar
The Lightning Field by Kenneth Baker
Storming the Gates of Paradise by Rebecca Solnitt
Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the Sixties by Suzanne Boettger
Land and Environmental Art – Phaidon
(2) 3 ring binders
Mammoth art journal
(2) Computer Chargers
Finger Light
(2) Collections of Jewelry
Lens Cleaner
(2) Card Readers
Pocket Knife

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Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not lugging all that around!--MAC