Sunday, June 14, 2009

One week to go...

Yesterday Nancy and I brainstormed further on the activities that will happen at each earthwork (what performances, photographs, burial, box filling, etc. will take place). What we found most interesting was that we both had clear ideas on what was going to happen at Spiral Jetty, Sun Tunnels, Roden Crater, and Amarillo Ranch but had not resolved Lightning Field or Double Negative.

Spiral Jetty:
Peanut Butter covered dress performance
Nancy's spinning performance (pink wig)
Dip watercolor paper for Hannah
Collect salt for nesting box
Bury object to be determined

Sun Tunnels:
Arrive in the late afternoon near sunset
Camera toss & another sculptural recreation
Headlights improvisation
Record Nancy Holt conversation while waiting for the sun to set
Sage brush for nesting box
Bury an object

Double Negative:
Nancy: "What's a double positive?" Jacinda: "It's still nothing."
Our version of MOCA's non-map
Can phones
Shoot out?
One solitary rock for nesting box
Bury an object

Roden Crater:
Binocular interpretation of the progress from 2 miles away
Briefcase performance (all black uniform with side burns and moustache)
Jamz Turrell performance
A huge unknown as far as the nesting box and object burial are concerned
Open for a lot of spontaneity

Lightning Field:
Sound recording
Videotaping of us while either a) lightning strikes or b) nothing happens
How can we incorporate the "rain" dance?
Another unknown as far as the nesting box and object burial

Amarillo Ramp:
Since one of the biggest characters is taking us to the ramp, we will also be two of the biggest characters he has encountered in a long time. This is all out cowboy day.
Grass, not dirt for the nesting box.
Object burial.

The uniform is almost resolved thanks to a little help from my friends.

Your turn Nancy! We are waiting....

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