Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have packing issues

Nancy sent me a beautiful photograph of her briefcase packed full of her performance "gear" while I sweat it out in the humidity coming up with tasks that I can do instead of filling my suitcases. I even resorted to emailing Hannah a list of things I am procrastinating on doing instead of very simply doing what shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes.

Things to do instead of pack:
Write Chet a note about the cats
Empty the dishwasher
Fold Laundry
Contemplate what to do with some of the food in the frig
Balance checkbook
Play with the cats (yup, you're right Mark S. - they made it on the blog)
Check my email
Figure out twitter
Post a blog entry on this mundane thought

That sufficiently wasted nearly an hour of my time. I have 4.5 hours before self-imposed bedtime to finish this.

Update: Began packing at 12:08 AM and finished at 1:49 AM.

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