Wednesday, June 10, 2009

12 Days to Go: Uniform Update

Nancy and I are both skeptical. I've decided that my uniform will change slightly as I abhor the thought of going as a cowgirl and dislike most cowboy attire. So my role will now be Hud meets JR (who hasn't worn pink since junior high but has to try something new with that cowboy hat I also have to alter). One hour later... its 2:45 AM and I just ripped off the plastic things on my hat band and substituted it with a "Good Luck" horse and a black gun. It's lopsided to go with the asymmetrical haircut. Let's hope the glue holds! There's a bad i-phone photo of it below looking like two different hats.

1 comment:

n.douthey said...

wow!!! I think you will look great in your pink shirt!!! and your cowboy hat - work it!!!