Monday, June 29, 2009

Drive to Flagstaff, Arizona

This portion of the trip brought back many memories - certainly feeling a little melancholy for the state I once called "home." We drove ever so slowly through Hoover Dam - road construction and abundant tourists halted our "can't seem to go under 90 MPH" progress (thanks to the latter we made it in record time from Kingman to Flagstaff, AZ). The most spectacular sight at Hoover Dam was how the new road was being constructed over the canyon and of course all the Art Deco designs on the dam itself are always spectacular to see. I realized early on that this was the first time I drove through here without the trip featuring a U-Haul of one kind or another.

At In-n-Out Burger in Kingman, Arizona, Nancy ordered a Cheese Burger and I asked for fries. Anna behind the counter said, "You don't want a burger?" I replied, "Only if you have a veggie burger hiding out behind the counter." "Oh we have veggie burgers. Would you like one with cheese?" It was only after Nancy took this photograph that I realized the veggie burger at In-n-Out only comes with bread, lettuce, tomato, and cheese ($1.59).


HB said...

In and Out Burger. What an unfortunate name. Jacinda did your order at least come with a key to the restroom?

j. russell said...

According to Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, if you have to eat at a fast food restaurant choose In-n-Out or Burgerville in the NW.

Shane Tolbert said...

In-n-Out is the best!!! Should have gotten it animal style Nancy. 2x2 Animal. Next time get the strawberry milkshake w/ your grilled cheese to sweeten your tummy and fill you up!