Friday, June 5, 2009

In Between

In addition to visiting the six major earthworks that we've been continuously pining for over the past several months (in addition to the Chinati Foundation), we are equally excited to visit what lies in between.

Golden Spike National Monument

Saltair (wishing it was the original in 1893 not the contemporary)

The Tree of Utah by Karl Momen because it is quite silly and unexpected and fortunately does not resemble a geo-dome so we won't have to stop and photograph it.

Bonneville Salt Flats (not during Speed Week)

Center for Land Use Interpretation
It's hard to tell what is up here at the Wendover Complex but we should certainly investigate!

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

The scariest thing I can imagine...

And look! Since we're hanging around Flagstaff for a couple days, maybe we should investigate this.

Here is what is happening at SITE Santa Fe. Too bad the Biennial isn't up.

and finally... Swimming with the fish in Balmorhea State Park.

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