Friday, June 26, 2009


Last night I had a dream that Nancy and I went to Bryce Canyon and we saw Ed Ruscha at one of the lookout points. I asked him if Nancy could take a photo of the two of us to post on our blog. The following morning Nancy and I practiced our daily ritual of dream analysis (previous discussion had revealed a dream Nancy had regarding a phone call from James Turrell’s gallery, eventually proving to be reality…details coming soon.) We decided that Ed Ruscha would make an appearance at Bryce Canyon; our goal was to find him.

After stopping at several different viewpoints, each of us unable to find even a close candidate, we nearly gave up. On our way back to the car from our last attempt, there he was climbing out of an SUV full of his family and friends straight from Southern California. After explaining our request for a photograph, he replied, “Oh that’s funny. My name is Ed Rolands.” His lawyer friend thankfully offered to take a photo, ultimately blurry as hell (Nancy never said that, she thought it was in focus.) Ed’s wife appears on the scene, replying to our project, “Oh does Perry look like Ed Ruscha?” Their friends inquiring if “Ed Ruscha looked like Brad Pitt?”

After backing the children away, Perry offered to give us Ed Ruscha’s autograph, we gladly accepted, Nancy running frantically to grab the blue pen and paper. Like true fans we almost passed out upon receiving this wonderful gift. Proving once again, dreams really can come true.

Dennis Hopper's portrait of Ed Ruscha from 1964

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