Thursday, June 25, 2009

Center for Land Use Interpretation, Wendover Base (with live military action!)



After calling L.A. for the entry code from the front porch of exhibition hall 1, we walked in to discover there was no show. BUT oh wait - THERE WAS! And that was unfortunate because the space was far more interesting than the display. I kept wondering (out loud) if this was where they shot the movie Heartbreak Ridge starring Clint Eastwood (one of my faves.) Too bad it wasn't because that would have been really cool for this blog. Let's just say was.

Greeted by the barks of two basset hounds who were outside with no shade, their chains carving circles into the dirt, and dog toy beyond reach, they were thrilled for our attention. It was the most engaging interaction especially when compared to the "man explorer" who was "roughing it" by eating out of cans, while sitting on his stool, outside his packed, geared up SUV. We were wondering what kind of deal he got on his studio/apartment. BUT never had the opportunity to ask over his refusal to respond to a friendly hello. I thought perhaps he could meet one of my single friends, seems how he was so lonely out there in the parking lot.

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