Friday, June 5, 2009

I might be having a weak moment

but... rather than concentrating on purchasing my "uniform" I suddenly have the urge to incorporate all the swimming pools with fake dessert.

I want to get a slice of fake cake (ideally a full cake would be nice but I am already packing two large cameras, six boxes, objects to bury, a small shovel, a laptop, a couple books, and a suitcase full of clothes) to photograph near these pools. It's my Wayne Thiebaud meets Ed Ruscha love affair with the California art aesthetic that I've been talking about all year (Conceptualism meets thickly painted food I would rather look at admiringly than eat). Undoubtedly another inspiration is Les Krims's The Incredible Case of the Stack o'Wheat Murders but without the violence (more for the random placement).

What do you think - am I nuts? Or should I just wait around until I find the cake I am really searching for? I think I just answered my own question. Actually I should get Sharon Core to design one for me (see photograph below) and I'll special order it from a fake dessert shop (another trip, another art project).

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