Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PLAN A.2 and A.3

I had spent most of the day reading about an account of someone experiencing Roden Crater. They had the luck of meeting Turrell's neighbors and getting a full overnight tour that if I recall correctly also included singing. (Maybe I'm just thinking of doing that myself.) But anyway, after reading this posting I came across another posting, of another person, who was also able to get a tour. This person was befriended by the working crew after some good'ol chit chat. NOW there was hope. I started to devise a plan/fantasy of making our way into Roden Crater. Jacinda and I would be sure to rent a white truck, something that looked more like a construction site vehicle and we would dress in disguise - beefy, sweaty, dirty shirt wearing workers, with moustaches! We would make it in, at which point we would then be discovered. BUT we would fall back on the fact that we had conveniently brought ice tea! I would serve it like a junior league hostess, and we would get our tour. As I described my plan to Mark, he replied "you don't need the moustaches or the truck" and then - AND THEN he said "you don't even need the ice tea" WE NEEDED BEER!! I think we're going with beer but we're still dressing up!


n.douthey said...

A new fantasy: seems how we can't get in unless we have the major bucks to donate. I thought I would arrive as a business man with a brief case. I would approach the work crew in my suit and sunglasses, announcing that I could make it worth their while to show me around. They would all gather around the brief case and as they heard the "click click" of the case being unlocked and open - there would be a pile of glittery money - shiny gold - over flowing with the small bits of glitter falling all around catching the light. They would laugh. We would then present the beer, they would walk us around the grounds, let us stay and sit and we would all get drunk out in the hot sun while they told us stories of the great crater. Stories that become legend. Oh and then at some point there would be a camp fire and singing and dancing. YEA!

j. russell said...

Hell yes! Let's do it.