Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TO OR NOT TO (image: how it all started)

tweeking to twittering is more like it. my love hate relationship with all things TECHNOLOGY really are pushed with this blow by blow account of daily life. BUT then again the details of daily life are also very interesting. thinking of twittering as a list of artful events of the everyday is how i am approaching this new format.

WHY TWITTER: the very idea!

the idea that these works are removed from the general public, remote, costly to visit, difficult to get to, and my desire to make them in some way more accessible.

the idea that these works are represented in texts as a unchanging work of art. (there are no updates, space and time stand still) i wanted to explore how this image in my mind is not the reality in which this work exists. In fact, this work is in a constant state of change because of time and location. i wanted to present their current state. represent that things move, grow, change. because of the instability of these works within the landscape i am interest in that relationship to the process of life. these works have a life that parallel life in general.

the idea that this journey is about the journey and not what we are desiring to see. because whatever it is that i am desiring to see. (which is what has been presented in texts for so long) in fact does not exist. how does this also parallel with what we think and expect of this grand adventure. perhaps it is not so grand. perhaps the in between is the more grand of all these things. the moments that are not documented as the true monumental.

the idea of the monumental and having the documentation and conversation of the things that perhaps are seen as insignificant (conversation, food, laughing, jokes, small details that are easily passed over and forgotten, table clothes, smells, dogs, people, names)

the idea that through twitter there is an ongoing list of these happenings that are also many times the moment of art. and wanting those to be documented, seen. 

the idea that i love to list, function daily with lists and the record of such a list.

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