Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's next on the agenda...

and roughly 50 long-sleeved blue and white pinstriped shirts.

Letting Go

The day after our opening N and I returned to take the balloons down at Texas Gallery. One side had already been removed the night before and we, after a lot of thought, let the other side go too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainey's FotoFest picts

The grand opening of FotoFest on 12th March in front of DiverseWorks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reception Photos Slowly Coming In...

what? i didn't have a camera the entire reception? no minute by minute updates?! i'll slowly add more as they come in but here is the first of Nancy and her family (her sister Amy, her mom, and her sister Carrie).

Of course there was plenty of time to take photographs of "objects sitting around" beforehand but no people.

Here are some of Chris Rauschenberg's photographs of the dinner at Hector's after the opening.

Amanda Shagrin, JR, and Ed Cooper. Yup, that would be a dress I am wearing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quotes of the Day (by Fredericka & Ian)

"It looks like a baby shower." (FH)

"It looks like a Mary Kay Convention." (FH)

"Squeal Squeal." (IG)

"It's Just Like Christmas" - ND

The DVD has arrived (and just in time). Apologies Nancy for the "doubtful" remark earlier.

From one bad camera/photograph to another (switched from the phone to the laptop).

Nancy's family sent her these orange roses this morning.

We are off to pick up 50 pink balloons for the entry - the first show in this side of the gallery and the first time this door will be open for public entry since it was the wedding store.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Official installation photographs (not taken from the phone)

Ian asked me to be the photographer for the texgal website today and here are some images. It is impossible to photograph all four walls and tables in one composition unfortunately. The first image represents about 2/3rds of the show with details following.

Friday morning

Nancy's relatives are starting to trickle in so we went to the Magnolia Hotel last night. Just in case I forgot what state I was in, this is the decor that greeted us at the front desk.

Since we arrived quite late, sleeping was in order but we did check out the rooftop pool before leaving this morning (we'll be in another hotel tonight with Nancy's sister Amy).

Nancy is working today so I am on my own with the hopes of visiting Amanda at the Menil Collection in a couple hours. In addition... it's opening night of FotoFest! After dinner at the best Mexican restaurant in town... the Original Ninfa's on Navigation, we are off to see Allison Hunter's Zoosphere at Diverseworks, Anthony Goicolea at Houston Center for Photography, and Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs at the FotoFest headquarters at Vine Street (and of course their opening party which is always a hit). It's a relief to be done with installation and to have a day of rest. Wow! This is the first day of my spring break even though it's almost OVER!

Almost there....

What did we do Thursday? We both ended up wearing "peasant shirts" today somewhat inadvertently. Nancy had to protect hers with this stylish bib when painting the staircase.

We tried out the heart rock but Jacinda negated it due to it blending into the floor a little too much and not really enough space to look at it and the artwork.

I helped Ian hang the "Jacinda wall" (to the far right) and we tested out the projection one more time (on mute thankfully). Real photographs of the entire installation to come with a good camera soon. All 50 photographs are up! The blog address in vinyl letters above the entry is installed! The objects are complete (though we keep dreaming of additional methods of display)! the books are done! Now we are patiently waiting for the DVD to arrive.

A quick picture of the objects on the floor before they gravitated to the table: Michael Jackson Banner, Peach Can Phones, Amarillo Ramp Rock, Balloons from Roden Crater, red lipstick, Michael Jackson glitter soap, and heisted bell from Amarillo Ramp. We also had our gallery visit with Toby Kamps which went very well.

Then Nancy took me on a dress buying excursion at Katy Mills Outlet Mall. Yikes! Don't worry, we won't be wearing any of these to the opening.

Celebrity Avatars & Animated Video Game

Fredericka suggested that the next step in our project is to create an animated video game in which the following events would occur: we would really drive off the Mormon Mesa in the rental vehicle Thelma and Louise style; we would avoid bullets flying from Michael Heizer and James Turrell; we would parachute into Roden Crater from an airplane. And who were the celebrity avatars that would play the roles of Nancy and Jacinda?

Toby Kamps is vying for the movie rights.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adding our books to Ian's collection

Finally! A cover for our Blurb books. What color did we choose? Funky Pink Sparkle!

Dear Avid Book Collectors,
You too can enjoy these ten books. They are available for purchase and fit perfectly with any Ed Ruscha collection. Do you need a little sparkle in your library? Please contact 713.524.1593 for further inquiry or payment plans.
Upper Management

The question of the day

To serve or not to serve glazed doughnuts at the reception? If only Voodoo Doughnut was in Houston. "The Magic is in the Hole." Second best: Stephan Pyles' "Coffee and Doughnuts" dessert in Dallas, Texas.

4 Days Left to Texas Gallery Opening!

EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Note: our exhibition announcement is next to one from the Menil Collection. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Next show... the Menil!

The most painful part of installation day was not only seeing ourselves eat peanut butter up close and in person at 9' x 12' but HEARING OURSELVES yack on and on and thinking we are so funny. Oh wait! But we are because we still find ourselves amusing nine months after the fact.

One of the best parts of installation day was seeing Ian's diagram for OUR WORK. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Let us preface this with we think that Ian's maps for installation layout are one of the best things ever.

Michael Jackson Banner Pocket Complete!

But first of all... whoever would have thought Goldie (my gaudy i-phone codpiece) would have blended in to anything around? "But you are in Texas," says Nancy.

Michael Jackson Banner with Chainsaw (please contact 713.857.9811 if you want this cat in your movie) and Pocket: