Saturday, June 6, 2009

ephemeral nature

Dennis Oppenheim
"Whirlpool, Eye of the Storm"
El Mirage Dry Lake, CA

Hans Haacke
"Sky Line"
June 23, 19667
Central Park, NY

I'm in love all over again - (don't worry Mark and Jack - you are my true loves!)
I think it is the ephemeral nature of these works in relationship to eating, to jumping (to performance) that I relate to most. The fact that what I will see at each place, each earthwork, is something that I have never seen before and will never be able to see again in the same way because of the constant changing nature of these works. The land always in motion. Movement playing a role in which also relates to the body. I want to include the idea of sound and talking into this somehow. And what about silence. Is there such a thing? Or do we only have what we could consider silence within ourselves. Our trip that began as "In Search of the Center" - perhaps it is being within the center throughout this trip that comes from within each of us that is something else to note and I'm thinking about. Discovering our own center as we are in movement. Many of the earthworks we see and will experience have a center. A center that expands itself out over an area. The strong belief that the power of one to create change - to create movement within a group or space - you have to come from your center. We all have a center and we have a spiraling energy that extends itself out. 

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