Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I was planning on spending $1700. on a car rental. I showed up at the AVIS counter at the Salt Lake City airport to talk over the traveling plans and see if there was any way to save some money. After several attempts to change and rearrange, there was nothing hopeful. I sat down after paying the full amount to make sure I had everything and load up. Just as I was about to talk to Jacinda I was being flagged over by the AVIS guys. They seemed very excited, they had an idea for me. They had worked very hard to save me over $500. on the car rental. AVIS is awesome!! Not only did I get the best deal on the internet, I got the best service with patience, understanding, and a discount I couldn't be more grateful for as we begin this adventure. Look no further, AVIS is the place!!
THANKS GUYS, if I get any emails inquiring about these two hot single guys - I'll pass along your info. (I told you I would try to hook you up!) 

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