Wednesday, June 24, 2009



We received a phone call yesterday from skystone requesting an explanation for our “email” we had sent. 

Hmmm. An Email? No, perhaps it was the LETTER that was being referred to that we had sent to James Turrell at his home address - with no response. (The letter and additional promo materials can be found on this PUBLIC blog.)

I explained that we would love to have James Turrell come for the grand opening tour we would be having at Roden Crater. I could hear a mouth dropping wide open – in shock – in horror – in appall. A frustrated response to my lack of reverence or perhaps my gall or maybe my inability to settle her confusion with answering that it was all a practical joke.

 A firm warning was issued: the work is not open to the public and trespassers WILL BE prosecuted. (We know a great attorney so no worries there!) She kept asking when we were coming, WHEN!!! I reassured her we could not confirm any dates on such a road trip as this. Hell we were going to Sun Tunnells and neither of us can predict exactly how this timing will all go from one earthwork to the next. 

In her attempt to prepare for the proper timing of a red alert around the "private property, only open to patrons of the artist",  I had gently reminded her that there were several groups that had toured before, her reply "these selected few that have been allowed in came at a time where there was no construction going on like there is right now." I would be willing to wear a hard hat, signed a waver, or kissed butt!! I should have offered to write a check - but that opportunity may present itself later.

In their attempt to "not be exclusive" - it just so happens THEY ARE. Not to mention the obvious distaste for performance artist, it must fall into the one of those categories. AND maybe they should have considered having construction going on over the last 30 years LIKE THERE IS NOW.

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