Saturday, June 6, 2009

15 Days to Go: Uniform Shopping Attempt #1

I ventured into Rural King = the scariest store in Muncie. My friend Amelia says, "I love rural king because you can buy salt licks, bulk spices (including cumin), and armadillo traps all in the same place." I wish I could share her love but ultimately leave feeling queasy.

I am pretty skeptical about this uniform but did acquire: a cowboy hat, two bandanas (after consulting with Nancy about the colors - red and blue so we can trade), one Wrangler shirt, and a Winchester pocket knife. Thanks to Hannah for the advice. I have two more rounds to go (the regular mall and a couple thrift shops in Indy for some embroidered shirts = hipster cowboy is more appealing to me than Rural King cowboy). I think I am most petrified with the fact that I have to wear this hat on the airplane (i.e. in public) all the way through Minneapolis then to Salt Lake City. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into??

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