Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tourists at the Grand Canyon

Yellowstone National Park, Summer Road Trip, 4 June 2008

We laughed about this photograph for a year and it instantly came to mind when we saw the most obnoxious group of tourists at the Grand Canyon.

They consisted of a group of approximately 15 who when standing on top of this rock, started hooping it up like Native Americans in movies and yelling "Thank you!" at the top of their lungs for their photo shoot. This could have been tolerated (barely) but then three of them starting blowing whistles in order to herd the crew for the next stop. So here we are at the Grand Canyon preferring to watch a guy have his photograph taken while simulating meditation but encountered this instead. On the bus ride on the way back to the terminal, the group introduced us to a new competition - who could belt out the loudest yawn in public (not private).

Little did we know that there were sexy myspace photo shoots going on as well. Nancy caught this member of the group posing against a dead Joshua Tree stump. The model promptly asked the photographer and his friend to block Nancy's view, like body guards afterward. It was too late, Nancy had already captured the moment and couldn't wait to show Jacinda this year's best tourist photograph.

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