Thursday, July 2, 2009

Performance at Sky Walk, Grand Canyon

After months of planning and a couple of attempts to contact management for details regarding the cleaning process of the Sky Walk with no success, we pulled it off without breaking the rules (no cameras and loose articles). The feather duster was secured inside Nancy's eagle shirt, producing a Victorian effect. She wore yellow gloves hoping that everyone didn't think she had a germ issue.

We posed with Roberto who was polishing the glass upon our arrival. He would later join us to fulfill the complete vision of the performance.

We asked Shaun T. to take our photograph and he looked at Nancy's gloves exclaiming, "What's up with that?" Nancy described her desire to be photographed cleaning the glass but her outfit had a bonus feature. She whipped out her loose article and started fanning it around. The photographer, security, and Roberto started laughing and allowed us to carry on.

Afterward they asked us our names because never since the opening had they witnessed a stunt like this. They said they would be talking about it for years.

As Jacinda is petrified of heights and could hardly unclench the hand rail, the only dusting she could do was at the edge of the canyon cliff as it was opaque and on solid ground.

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