Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fifth Season Inn & Suites - Amarillo, Texas

This is the REMODELED area!

We arrived in Amarillo without a reservation and decided to stop at the La Quinta to check in for the night but they were booked solid and recommended we go down to the Fifth Seasons. Sounded good.

It was the only hotel in town with the largest sign blinking the lowest rate in a bold glowing font. We waited in line for our $69.99 a night room, got the key and drove over to the second entrance to unload the car. Arriving back at the elevator we were greeted by an eleven year old boy who was going up to play one of the arcade games. I asked him to push the third floor button which immediately closed on Jacinda, who almost lost her camera getting on. Luckily we made it up with all our items and entered our room that was covered in curtains and tassels. Our toilet was a sound installation that we tried to have fixed but there was not a maintenance department and no one to call. They offered to move us (which we appreciated), but stayed because the view was too good to give up.

We had a constant flow of young kids playing the arcade games and older people working out on the equipment, parties of twenty or so splashing around in the pool, and adults hanging out at the bar. The scene was like an active casino, but this was Texas, no slots in sight. The hotel had a lasting impression as we drove away still wondering where “that smell” was coming from – we washed our hair upon arriving at our new place in Marfa (which is AWESOME.)

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