Friday, July 10, 2009


For anyone looking for this installation, the exact location is nowhere near the outskirts of Marfa. It can be found two miles West of Valentine, Texas on Highway 90 about 37 miles west of Marfa.

When we arrived, we were surprised to find an outline of rocks around the building holding down business cards. Some looked like they had been there for several months or years, deteriorating in the elements. We decided to finally use our business cards, a handwritten, simple light blue card with our blog address and names.

Expecting the interior to be lit, we returned six hours later. We had seen images of the store glowing from within and wanted to see it in the darkness of the Marfa night. Again our researched information came up short; the store was nowhere to be found in the middle of the night as it stood camouflaged in the dark. It wasn't the night-light we had seen in photographs.

Upon our arrival we quickly noticed, as we went to photograph our business card on the left side of the building, that it was gone along with all the other cards that had been there that afternoon at 4:00. It seemed tragic in that brief moment of discovery but seconds later we turned away from the store just in time to witness the moonrise on the Northeast horizon. This unexpected moment ultimately became the thing that we drove out there to see.

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