Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art of the Great Eastern Sun: Chogyam Trungpa Style

I wanted to post this passage Mark read to us the day we visited Chinati. Certain aspects of our project were indeed met with trepidation. I was very nervous the week leading up to our departure yet once we were on our way, I questioned why I possibly could have doubted. Working with Nancy has allowed me to be a little fearless, to approach the way I create art from a very new perspective, and not stop to question but just BE. Mark wrote, "Thank you for expressing what needs to be expressed" as the subject line when he typed this passage and emailed it to me. Thank you Mark for your support and believing in all those ideas including the Jonald Dudd pool jump that hasn't quite happened.

[It's almost the size of these dumpster pools in NYC. I'll avoid mentioning the potential filth factor with both of them.]

Art of the Great Eastern Sun. “The three principles of Great, East, and Sun have specific meanings. Great means having some kind of strength, energy, and power. That is, we are not fearful or regretful in presenting our expressions or our works of art—or for that matter, in our way of being. That power is absolutely fearless. If we were cowardly, we would have a problem in trying to handle an object, or even thinking of touching it or arranging it, much less in arranging our life or our world. We would be afraid to do any of that. So the absence of that fear is fearlessness, which develops out of delight. We are so delighted that we spontaneously develop that kind of strength and energy. Then we can move freely around our world without trying to change it particularly, but just expressing what needs to be expressed or uncovering what needs to be uncovered by means of our art.”—Chogyam Trungpa, The Essential Chogyam Trungpa.

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