Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is not the end...

We survived! It wasn't until eating dinner at a chain restaurant in Amarillo did we realize that we did indeed see all we set out to do these last three weeks. Last year Nancy and I decided to make our own residency and do something that neither one of us would do on our own. Check this off the "Before I Die List!" We feel a great sense of accomplishment. Now that our trip is coming to a close, we also can't help but feel melancholy. While driving from Marfa to El Paso today, we inventoried everything we've done and realize that we have months of work to complete ahead. As we wrote a week before starting this journey, this blog does not end with the trip. We will continue to hash out ideas and see where we can take the artwork we create from this project. In many ways, I feel our work has just begun. This is the beginning of something far bigger than the act of taking this road trip. We will not be writing daily but will continue this blog with periodic updates. We have Polaroids to scan, maps and photographs to print, videos to edit, objects, artist's booklets, and text pieces to make. This is indeed the never ending search for the center and all that falls between. Thanks for joining the ride... it's not over yet.

Nancy & Jacinda at Balmorhea State Park, Texas

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