Sunday, July 5, 2009

21 Hours at Lightning Field, New Mexico

What is a perfect day at Lightning Field? Let’s imagine…

• Showing up to the Dia office in Quemado, NM to discover that you are the only two people that will be staying at Lightning Field that night. You will not be sharing a cabin with four others.

• Not being asked to sign the registration form that promises you won’t be taking photographs.

• Arriving with weather so perfect and no mosquitoes that it is possible to take a nap on the back porch for over an hour.

• Walking around the entire perimeter (3.2 miles) without running into one rattlesnake but instead viewing plenty of cute rabbits and an antelope.

• A perfect vegetarian dinner all prepared in the refrigerator (albeit Mexican food) followed by storm clouds rolling in with lightning on the horizon.

• After singing the Lightning Field rain dance, the cloud cover rolls over the cabin and proceeds to produce lighting strike after lighting strike over the artwork in front of us.

• Creating successful sound recordings and video recreations with a flashlight, a burial, filling the best nesting box of the trip and reviewing them inside on the dining room table we are sharing with no one, while lightning continues to strike outside the window 3.5 hours after it rolled in.

• Ending the evening with a cup of hot tea, a shower with soft water (perfect for all hair types), no phone calls or internet access or updating the blog and a quiet night ahead promising plenty of sleep.

Dream on you say? The worst day of the trip followed by the best? Yes… dreams can come true proven once again.

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