Monday, July 6, 2009

La la la la Fonda (what we were saving for)

As you might note, we've been staying in some dives (minus Las Vegas and Flagstaff) for very reasonable rates. Then along came the big splurge: La Fonda in Santa Fe.

The pool.... now imagine a man with a rope around his waist that was attached to the hand rail, swimming in place for 30 plus minutes, splashing fiercely while hogging the whole pool. We had a very nice view of this activity from our hotel window. One morning we did manage to jump in (before the sun officially warmed it up) and then hopped directly into the hot tub without anyone in sight (except perhaps for the people watching us behind their windows). Here we recreated a group of men we saw walking around in their white hotel robes at the pool in the Venetian, Las Vegas.

Half of room 145 featuring Nancy working on the blog.

The pretty, yellow tiled bathroom with the world's shortest shower head obviously not meant for anyone taller than 5'.

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