Thursday, July 9, 2009

At Last. Marfa, Texas!!!

Today featured a very long drive with very little blogging photographs (we won't bore you with another Amarillo Ramp bell ringing episode that incidentally, we placed it in a prominent location in the "phone bank" and used it the moment we saw the passenger's eyes closing to sleep). It has been indeed helpful.

We also don't really need to mention Jacinda waving a bag of glazed doughnut holes at the police officer that pulled Nancy over either but Nancy feels like Jacinda hasn't had her share of humiliating moments on this blog (despite Nancy being more embarrassed about the incident than Jacinda). For the record, the overweight police officer was turning around, heading back to his car and did not see any of this. Also, Nancy was clocked only going 87 MPH in a 70 just outside Plainview, Texas. We had no response to his question of whether or not "we had a medical emergency."

We arrived in time to meet Mark at the Hotel Thunderbird (= AMAZING) and off to dinner at Maiya's. I have always thought the Marfa court house and town square were the prettiest I've ever seen and seven years after last visiting, I still believe that is true.

The next couple days are booked solid so stay tuned!

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