Monday, July 6, 2009

SITE Santa Fe

We tried to take one day off yesterday, pretending we weren't working and were actually on vacation. This meant jumping in the swimming pool and hot tub at La Fonda, doing laundry, visiting SITE Santa Fe, and seeing Public Enemies in a packed theater.

I've never been disappointed at an exhibition at SITE Santa Fe and the current showing of Klara Kristalova, Ruben Ochoa, and Brent Green proved to be no exception. Nancy and I both agreed that Klara Kristalova's giant chest of drawers displaying several of her fairy tale-esque, Kiki Smith influenced sculptures was a highlight.

We also couldn't stop comparing Brent Green's installation Dim Light, Eulogy for Thomas Edison, to things that we have seen on this road trip. For instance, his use of text is much like the way the words formed from rocks at the Bonneville Salt Flats dissipate once they become encrusted with salt.

Purchasing a souvenir art book (or three) was also in order as Nancy and I both walked away with a small handful we couldn't live without.

AND we saved over $200 by doing our laundry at the coin-op rather than our hotel.

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