Friday, October 15, 2010

Clemson Part 5: The Exhibition at Lee Gallery

Here are some very low-resolution and bordering on out of focus images (Anderson is sending me some better ones next week). The day before peeking through the window for the first time at the burial wall:

Yay! The polaroids made it in the show (they were missing from the Texas Gallery exhibition).

Images at the main entryway:

Detail of the big wall:

In the back corner:

Artists' Books:

The objects are tucked over on the left as well as the videos:

Nancy and I have discussed our work as a pair on three occasions, each time with a different approach. This time was most successful. We eliminated the chronology and chose one image each from the major locations. We also decided not to talk about the history behind the pieces for the first time but came to the conclusion afterward that we need to say something about them (i.e. where they are located, who made them, etc.). We will have that opportunity at our next talk on 12th March in Atlanta.


Amelia said...

mmmm...doughnuts. eh-hem! show looks awesome!

j. russell said...

Thanks Amelia!!!