Sunday, October 10, 2010

Before I get too carried away with the Clemson trip... I better finish the Midwest SPE Conference

First up... Lucy Lippard Lecture. We were running late, Elise & I ran out of the car to unsuccessfully obtain our conferences badges, no sweater in a cold lecture hall or pen and paper. These are a couple notes I typed up on the i-phone but wish I had remembered more.

• "A place is a 1000 places."

• Find the Amanda Ross-Ho quote on the present.

• Photographs needing to be printed bigger parallels the American obesity epidemic.

• "What time is this place?"

• "Deep maps:" How the rings affect the center and how it ripples.

Lure of the Local was a favorite book of mine in graduate school thanks to Li Rader. She meant to leave this comment on the blog ages ago but emailed it instead: "Ok, it's time for you to add to your library 'The Lure of the Local' by Lucy Lippard (1997). I bought it in Tucson in '98 and I'm sure (though 13 years old ?!! Can it be?!) is absolutely something you would like to read (especially considering your last post re: Indiana, home, et centera - error intentional [duh]). I'm sure Dave Hickey would scoff at such a suggestion which is, all the more reason, to suggest it! LR in VT"

I bought Lure of the Local when I was traveling back and forth to New Zealand to maintain my residency in graduate school and re-evaluating it with my present thoughts on place and home is long overdue.

After the lecture, Nancy and I talked to Lucy, obtained her email address and at last, will legitimately begin more artist correspondence!

Nancy's email to Lucy from the Sleep Inn in Clemson, SC two nights ago:

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for coming to the SPE in Kalamazoo. It was an honor to hear you speak and to meet you at the end of your talk. Your work has influenced my life and I thought I would follow up on our brief encounter with this email. I thought you might be interested in seeing our latest collaborative project. Below is our artist statement and our website is

Thank you very much for your consideration to this work. We would love to hear your insights if you find it interesting enough that it lingers in your thoughts.

With admiration and respect,
Nancy Douthey

In any case, Nancy and I have decided that our next goal with this project is a residency at C.L.U.I.

Amelia Morris, 5 MacMillan Gardens, What Was Left, 2010 from the Pin-Up Exhibition

Another highlight included our first joint portfolio reviews. We looked at sculptural/installation work by Matt (I wish I wrote down his last name) from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, Dominique from Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan and Mike Cook from Grand Rapids Community College. Mike had fascinating Gregory Crewdson/Phillip Lorca diCorcia-esque portraits using lights to recreate pandora's boxes transporting his subject's back to their workplaces. I failed to photograph anything that had to do with a portfolio review, an oversight that I would remedy at Clemson.

Our talk was a big old LET DOWN (the anti-dynamic duo) but we took a lot of notes on what we could improve upon and even attended a couple more lectures critiquing the overall delivery of the lecture itself as well as the content. It was a learning experience for both of us. The most positive aspect of the talk was meeting Travis Shaffer (we share a similar influence in Ed Ruscha - more coming soon on his photo zine, Rural Route Two), Nicole Croy from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Jamie Miles who teaches photography at Taylor University.

Without fail, every time I speak at an SPE conference, Lori Nix also lectures at the same time. I missed her talk but was able to catch up with her at the open portfolio walk-through. I have an inherent fear of the open portfolio walk-through but doing it with someone proved to be far easier. I'm really proud of my students who represented themselves so well that multiple strangers commented on it. When Nancy and I head to Atlanta for yet another talk, we will have this down (and I will provide more photo documentation!).

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