Friday, October 15, 2010

Clemson Part 6: Bonus Features

You know when Nancy and Jacinda get together there are always "bonus features." This trip they featured multiple trips to Nick's and a boat ride to the Experimental Forest with Anderson. First Nick's. Here's Andrew telling Nancy "the story" (a mere minute of 15 in which Nancy was sitting on the edge of her seat the entire time):

If I ever hear Van Halen's Panama again, I'm going to pull a Christina Hung by leaping over the bar, ripping everyone's tabs off the wall and running into the bathroom to lock the door behind me emerging a few minutes later remarking that they were "a little damp." I think we heard that song 25 times which was 25 times more than I ever needed to hear it since oh... 1984. Nancy, Sarah, and Zane:

Andrew, Jacinda and Todd:

Andrew, Zane and Christina:

Roar! I was a little opposed to seeing my least favorite color EVERYWHERE in Clemson. The tigers on the other were fine.

Anderson bestowed Nancy and me with the greatest gift: a trip to the Experimental Forest on his boat! Leaving the dock in front of Anderson's house:

JR and Anderson:

A little red earth:

The beach near the Experimental Forest shortly before seeing the bald eagle:

Nancy barefoot (a la Sun Tunnels):

Anderson skipping rocks (Nancy skipped her first rock ever this trip!)

The Sultan of Zanzibar:

Nancy driving the boat FAST:

On the way back:

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