Monday, October 4, 2010

Midwest SPE "Bonus Features" (again the not so serious)

We began the trip up to Kalamazoo at the Kendallville Windmill Museum (as per Natalie and Richard's suggestion). We didn't have a lot of time to wander through the 56 windmills but got the gist of it from the entry way. The sound was incredible - straight out of the movie Giant, or so I kept thinking.

The key purchase is always a t-shirt upon any road trip and here Nancy sporting the "hot ticket item" featured frequently throughout the rest of the weekend.

Bell's Brewery and the Sweetwater Donut Mill were repeated experiences.

There were moments of seriousness as spontaneous portfolio reviews and "practice sessions" were constantly occurring. Here Nancy looks at Laura's thesis work before our dinner arrived.

My students Karla, Jessie, and Damon joined us later:

Jacinda and Nancy:

Drew & Amelia:

Elise, Nancy, and Laura:

Damon, Elise, Jon (who came even later), and Laura:

Donuts! Two nights in a row!!

The general reaction upon first walking in the door:

The Cloud (AKA nuclear bomb):

Drew practicing tongue calisthenics (or getting the cream off his nose):

Laura repeating Drew's photograph (no tongue):

Laura capturing the mustache cup for Karla:

Way too many donuts in the hotel room:

The Strutt was a fantastic music venue right next door to the hotel. A highlight featured this elevated chair with owl lamps that Amelia kindly photographed for me below:

On the way out of town we stopped at Ivanhoe's in Upland, Indiana ... not my best location to get food but this flying saucer of a fish fillet was worth the photograph.

After several conversations the entire weekend regarding Taylor University, Nancy, Elise, and I decided to take a tour. We were ultimately looking for the location that most resembled a dungeon and here it is:

It was, however, located next to this neat little lake on campus which resulted in a few more photographs...

Thanks Elise for taking this one!

Next up... getting down to business... AKA the actual conference.

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