Thursday, February 25, 2010

These books of ours...

(a quick shot of the ten on my office floor before shipping them to Houston)

Well there are many things to be said about making a Blurb book. It's far easier when text is not involved (formatting is more difficult). We have to reprint four due to images printing darker than acceptable (but four is far better than re-doing all ten). The book I was least satisfied with on the computer is by far the popular favorite in print - Conversation Maps. Motels does not live up to my expectations. I am in constant debate whether or not these should just be made as one volume because it would be far cheaper to produce and the point will still come across (also when grouped together, they aren't as significant as I had anticipated and with one volume it could be a hardback with text on the spine). I will be constructing a chipboard holder to contain all of them once arriving in Houston (as Texas Art Supply has far more options on paper than Muncie, Indiana). Overall the print quality looks good especially in Nine Swimming Pools and a Fake Doughnut and Car Games I: Geodomes. As soon as Nancy and I sort out a few things about these in person, they will go public on the Blurb website. In the meantime... here's to finishing the four before next week!

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