Saturday, February 27, 2010

Texas Gallery But First..... Volume I (Nine Days to Houston)

Drive to Athens, Ohio and pick up two photographs from the "Rehearse, Rewind, Repeat" exhibition (if you squint you can see our two photographs - hot pink!). It's evidence of our first exhibition with this project! Nine hours round trip but at least it featured spending dinner with James (on his birthday) and Tanya in Springfield, Ohio.

Pack forty-seven "Wunderkammer" boxes to ship to Louisiana Tech University for a two-person exhibition. Avoid inadvertently packing cats playing nonstop in bubble wrap and cardboard.

Volume II features trying not to have a heart attack finishing everything by Wednesday night.

Volume III will feature the National Society for Photographic Education conference in Philadelphia and a train ride into NYC to see the Whitney Biennial with Alexis.

all within the next eight days!!! YIKES!

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