Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amarillo Ramp Rock, 2009

[Image from the artists' book Inventory by Nancy Douthey and Jacinda Russell.]

On 23rd June, I threw a rock from Spiral Jetty into Sun Tunnels; I tried very hard to make it land on top of one of the concrete tubes but failed.

On 28th June, I tossed a chunk of mud from Sun Tunnels into Double Negative from the top of the rim.

On 1st July, I flung a rock from Double Negative toward Roden Crater really wishing I could have dropped it from the airplane the day before during our fly-over.

On 3rd July, I dropped an orange stone from Roden Crater into Lightning Field on my walk around the perimeter.

On 7th July, I hurled a pebble from Lighting Field into Amarillo Ramp watching it bounce off the dry earth into the cacti.

TBD: This rock from Amarillo Ramp will be delivered to Spiral Jetty eventually completing the circle and ensuring a third visit.

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