Saturday, November 21, 2009

The List (to be completed in 8 days)

I am only blogging about this to hold myself accountable. This is the main reason I am turning into a hermit over Thanksgiving vacation with only plans of making a tangerine polenta cake to bring to Maura and Mark's house on Thursday. All of a sudden everything is coming to a head with this project. Nancy and I were accepted into the Rehearse, Rewind, Repeat: Photography, Video, and Performance (thanks Kelli!) exhibition at Ohio University and I need to build two frames for the 20x30 prints that will be driven to Athens, Ohio in early December. We are lining up studio visits for my December visit to Houston. Then there are the deadlines for exhibitions, residencies, etc. In addition, Hannah and I have to move the diorama out of the sculpture area before break so it needs to have the foam topography done and ready for David to paint before school ends for the semester. There is nothing like having six days off school to finish this!

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