Sunday, December 20, 2009

Houston in December

School came to a rapid close for both of us and we have been working hard preparing for studio visits this week and the best news of them all... our exhibition at Texas Gallery in March! I packed lightly so all the photos are I-phone quality just a warning.

We started Friday morning with a 5:30 AM wake up call (the horror!) to talk about our project on the Living Arts show on Houston's KPFT 90.1 (we were really tired and not responsible for the taking of this photograph).

LBK's bell from Amarillo Ramp in the guest bedroom/study (awesome digs - hello Joule in Dallas).

Fake doughnut prop in the guest bedroom/study. Sadly the one with the pink sprinkles did not survive the swimming pool performance.

Ed, Jacinda, and Rainey with the samurai umbrella after lunch at Catalan. Ed had to rub in the fact he was eating pork belly on a stick while sitting next to the vegetarian!

Now where was this outfit when we were looking for our uniforms this summer! Floor length long fringe indeed.

Finally a new president in front of Dave Adickes' studio! Reasons why he doesn't look like Obama: 1) he's ten pounds heavier, 2) he's white (duh), and 3) and we're not sure if it is a house shoe or a hole on top of his head.

View of Dave Adickes' sculptures from the third floor of Nancy's Summer St. Studio.

Getting ready for a studio visit with Diane and Fredericka at Summer Street.

Playing around with the layout of the burial photos - ignore the hole in the wall as it's not part of the artwork.

Working on Ian's checklist... three hours later....

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