Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final Cut on the Performance Photographs

Blue Bear Performance at Chinati, Marfa, Texas

Wearing Fake Moustaches as Sideburns on a Windy Day in Amarillo, Texas

Walking Up Amarillo Ramp in high heels to ride on the memories of hearing “Hi-Yo Silver, Away”

We Got the Time and the Goods and are Happy to Write You a Check. Paying Our Way into Lightning Field, Quemado, New Mexico.

Cleaning the Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon with Roberto

Fly Like an Eagle Uniform for Performance at Sky Walk, Grand Canyon

A man watched us from an SUV on top of Roden Crater as the whip cracked on our grand opening parade.

Michael… Jackson (28 June 2009)

Wind Current and Gravity at Double Negative (Resulting in One More Climb Down into the Cut to Retrieve What Fell In)

(A still from) The Imaginary Bike Ride in the Clouds at Double Negative

At Double Negative There’s Still A Positive – You Get Cell Phone Reception

Listening to Vibrations Across Double Negative

Lines of Communication at Double Negative

Barefoot at Sun Tunnels for Four Hours

It’s a Man Job: Filling the Holes at Sun Tunnels to the Point of Exhaustion (One Hour)

Michael Heizer Makes an Appearance at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels

Six Hours Later, Exhausted at Spiral Jetty

(A still from) a dizzying hot pink prom dress whirling at Spiral Jetty.

Hot Pink: The View the Passengers Saw from the Airplane Above as They Circled Over Spiral Jetty

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