Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diorama is in Full Swing: Meet the Players - Chet, Mary, Hannah, and Jacinda

The first meeting went really well (I have to remember to bring a camera to document this process). We have a materials list, a calendar, and a plan!

Chet Geiselman: Sculptor, consultant, "Preparator," and man who remembered he had a camera on his computer to take a group photograph.

Mary Barczak: Recent photo graduate, mask maker, and our assistant who knows more about miniatures than any of us (all dressed up for her hot date).

Hannah Barnes: Painter, "nesting box" recipient, and killer graph drawer showing off the plan.

Yours truly: Super excited because she managed to talk some of her favorite people in Muncie to collaborate with her on this aspect of the project.

Materials to be purchased this weekend and the "nesting boxes" will be started on Monday.

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