Friday, May 22, 2009

The Countdown Begins...31 Days Prior to Departure

The list of projects we are going to create and what needs to be done to achieve this:

• Hotel Art artist's book like the one that is given out at the Joule in Dallas (must feature artwork in the bedroom as well as the art closest to any pool entry).
• Hotel Towel Origami artist's book (ode to Kelli's birthday present) focusing on creating objects based on the surrounding landscape.

• Telephone pole (cowboys, cowgirls and Indians and burger diners) artist's book.
• Geodome Artist's book - yes Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels look like several geodomes from a distance.
• Due to the large number of artist's books/booklets, consider creating a collection of volumes.
• Professional Level Rock Paper Scissors game instructions and examples.
• Road trip game after Kelli and Betsy (to be revealed later because it's so damn humorous I don't want to give it away).
• Revisit John Divola's series Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert.

• Map making conversations like the one started at Robert Morris's piece last year.
• Purchase a diving board and strap it to the top of the rental car.
• Make a collection of small boxes to send parts of each earthwork back to create the diorama.
• Bury an object at each earthwork (photograph prior to leaving).
• Research what else other artists were wearing when building these pieces (1970s cowboy outfits?). Is Western gear going to be our "uniform?"
• Pack the pink wig or else.
• Buy a styrofoam cooler in Northern Arizona and fill it with beer to deliver to the workers at Roden Crater (= BRIBE).
• Acquire graffiti removal equipment for Sun Tunnels.
• Check out what exhibition is up at CLUI and refer to their database.
• Caffeinol darkroom tests.
• Binocs, buy a compass and some water bottles.
• Get directions to all these remote locations and reserve some hotel rooms.
• Start the blog countdown.

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