Wednesday, May 27, 2009

25 Days to Go: Nancy Holt's "Sun Tunnels" (Four Concrete Tubes Followed by a Plastic One)

Hey guess what Nancy? We are going to be visiting Sun Tunnels two days after the Summer Soltice. Do you think the artwork will still be close enough to align with the sun? We should aim for late afternoon/early evening just in case.

Here are the directions on how to get there (though I think I will remember this one well enough).

I will look forward to discussing what you think of this piece as I cannot help but feel it is the most inferior of the group. I am hoping my second trip proves me wrong especially if we see it close to the time of year and day that it is supposed to be viewed. I do like the idea of "tricksters" visiting these earthworks and simulating the sun via car headlights, etc. if the sun's alignment does not work to our advantage.

After spending a couple hours on the phone tonight discussing hotels and the budget for this three week extravaganza, I continue to be excited about this tube at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas:

(Image courtesy of Five Hundy).

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