Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost there....

What did we do Thursday? We both ended up wearing "peasant shirts" today somewhat inadvertently. Nancy had to protect hers with this stylish bib when painting the staircase.

We tried out the heart rock but Jacinda negated it due to it blending into the floor a little too much and not really enough space to look at it and the artwork.

I helped Ian hang the "Jacinda wall" (to the far right) and we tested out the projection one more time (on mute thankfully). Real photographs of the entire installation to come with a good camera soon. All 50 photographs are up! The blog address in vinyl letters above the entry is installed! The objects are complete (though we keep dreaming of additional methods of display)! the books are done! Now we are patiently waiting for the DVD to arrive.

A quick picture of the objects on the floor before they gravitated to the table: Michael Jackson Banner, Peach Can Phones, Amarillo Ramp Rock, Balloons from Roden Crater, red lipstick, Michael Jackson glitter soap, and heisted bell from Amarillo Ramp. We also had our gallery visit with Toby Kamps which went very well.

Then Nancy took me on a dress buying excursion at Katy Mills Outlet Mall. Yikes! Don't worry, we won't be wearing any of these to the opening.

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