Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Days until the opening at Texas Gallery!

Somehow we didn't even manage to make it into the gallery today! We were running errands (driving down Dunlavy a mere 12 times) in addition to giving a visiting artist's talk to Paul Kittelson's Public Art class at University of Houston.

Today most of the photographs taken included our quest to have a cover sewn for the Michael Jackson Banner. Our first trip to the alteration store with vinyl proved to be useless because no one's sewing machines in town can sew that material without ripping it (we found two other opinions that backed that up). So we visited High Fashion Fabric in Midtown and found some white velvet.

We then had great plans to embroider "M.J." onto the white velvet but no one could do that by uh... let's say tomorrow so we left the plans to sew the "pocket" there and returned to High Fashion Fabric.

In addition to discovering that off the shoulder shirts were what to where to work, we came across sequined fabric. We thought we made the decision but then found something else. The deciding factor? We finally decided to look at the price tag and discovered the fabric in Nancy's arm was a mere $39.99/yard (ouch) compared to the $199.99/yard closer to the floor (hell no!).

and so 1/2 yard of gold sequined fabric was cut to cover one side of the white velvet pocket that will contain the Michael Jackson Banner as of tomorrow at noon.

Before leaving we did manage to admire this lovely feather dress (Fly Like an Eagle revisitation occurs on a regular basis around here):

Not pictured: multiple trips to Industrial Audio/Video where our DVD was reburned with chapters and shipped overnight to New Jersey with the hopes that it can still arrive by Friday (doubtful), purchasing wood for our "platform" pedestals for three of the larger objects, and our trip to Edward's to see Alice in Wonderland - a much needed respite from thinking about earthworks every waking hour.

Tomorrow we begin the photographic installation at Texas Gallery (Nancy, Ian, and Mark installed the video projection on Sunday). Getting closer!

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