Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walter De Maria's "Earth Room"

Well there were a couple of surprises.... It was humid!! There were mold spores!! I loved how the dirt swooped up underneath the window panes. Apparently it is also watered about once a month but there are no signs of foot prints anywhere. Li and I were sneaking cell phone photos despite the fact that there were signs everywhere telling us not to. The man at the desk was disinterested in our presence and it wasn't difficult to take these images at all (unlike you and I nearly getting kicked out of the Wexner!). I wish they were of higher quality but that is what Dia is for I suppose.

[A few days later...] I found this on youtube... Same guy who obviously knew Li and I were taking photos but probably thought the i-phone camera wouldn't pose any threats. I would love to see him go out on the dirt with his 100' hose and it's too bad the video doesn't show that!

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