Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trying to be responsible and set an example (the horror!)

Whenever I attend any SPE event with Nancy, you can count on us being absent, checking out all the restaurants and museums, staying at a different hotel than the conference (always with a pool) rather than attending say... the actual conference (as witnessed by the above photograph and the one below at the Joule in Dallas, Texas SPE 2009). WELL!!! Since we are doing the Midwest Society for Photographic Education conference TOGETHER, I am trying to change my ways (and inadvertently Nancy's in the process - whoops sorry Nance).

First up.... Nancy and I will be reviewing portfolios as a team (first thing I signed her up for that I didn't ask in advance) Friday, 1st October from 3-4 PM.

Secondly.... I may have signed us both up to have our photographs reviewed. I have a secret desire to have Thomas Allen look at the cakes and of course, we are going to do everything we can to track down (notice I did not say stalk) Lucy Lippard to look at the Earthworks project.

Thirdly.... I definitely signed us up for the portfolio walk-through... generally the most horrific event for me personally but Nancy seems to do really well with it. In Dallas, she stood next to me and pretended she took the photographs of the guy who was sharing the table with me when he walked off for 30 minutes. She managed to score him a show in his absence. I somehow maintained a straight face while listening to her explain her concept for the photographs she was looking at for the very first time (incidentally they were all of men's faces who looked like they were rugged mountain climbers).

Finally... we have a presentation to prepare. We will be speaking at the crack of 11 AM on Saturday (well Nancy as the morning person will be and I as the night owl will be trying to forumlate sentences at that hour).

In preparation for all of this, I spent the afternoon making some cards (business card size for the earthworks). I even used Nancy's signature pink for the website address.

3x5 cards for the fake cakes:

I edited the earthworks project down to 21 rather than 50 (sorry the photo is blurry):

I finished matting mini versions of the fake cakes (since I had some extra board, why not be super professional). Let's hope no one notices the banged up quality of the earthworks prints - they even have holes in the top corners! I will be making a new set for Atlanta because it looks like we are doing this all over again in March but with a larger audience.

...and finally... all the "IOU" cake photos are printed. If you see your name on this list, I'll be shipping them off to you after I return from Clemson in mid October.

In the meantime, I'm running around like mad trying to get everything done before Nancy arrives Wednesday.

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