Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Searching for Ed Ruscha's Font

Trying to figure out what font this is in my quest to make 10 blurb books this week (yikes).

... and in the middle of writing this post, John Nettleton comes through with an answer! "I could not find an exact match. It is a slab serif font. The G is quite unique. Here are a few fonts that have some of the same properties but I could not find an exact match:

Malaga Black, from Emigre Malaga
Chaparral Pro-Bold, from Adobe
Rockwell Std Bold, from Adobe"

Though the best answer comes from James Luckett: "18pt gas station regular."

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Ed Christie said...

I can't actually see your image, however I went to an Ed Ruscha exhibition in London recently and it said there that he invented his own type face, which looked like a sleek angular slab serif. Not sure if that helps but hope it does.