Sunday, September 27, 2009

Place/Displace wins 3rd place at the county fair!

...I mean Minnetrista's Art of the Land Show.

Actually, it is great because the prize money paid for the matboard, foam core, and glass to frame the work. We were a little disappointed that oil paintings of barns beat us but we thought long and hard about what we would concede first and second prize to and decided on this...

A partially full box of Amoré chocolates (Huckleberry, margarita, chili lime, and coconut joy truffles) = the best in the world!

Hannah and I then decided to Search for the Impossible today... It featured trying to return to summer just one more time this year with a bike ride and Stewart's sodas on the Cardinal Greenway.

We road all the way to Gaston, Indiana - 20 miles round trip. It was a lot of fun until I had a mishap riding my bike into a fence.

The Search for the Impossible was moderately successful. Next up on the horizon... more prints and the diorama. Nancy has videos in the works too!

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